Through Foliage Detection of Illegal Cross-Border Activities


FOLDOUT focus is on through foliage detection in the inner and outermost regions of the EU. The FOLDOUT platform will assist border guards by providing prompt detection of illegal activity at borders and trace the movement and routes prior to arrival in border areas

FOLDOUT will concentrate on three operational scenarios, representative for the borders surveillance tasks and the related events / persons / objects to be detected

Sensors & Systems

The technical concept of FOLDOUT is based on the combination of several sensor technologies on the ground and on special, high rising platforms with data fusion algorithms into a single, seamlessly integrated system. This concept allows for the real-time detection of critical events even under dense foliage.

Ground data

A unique aspect of the FOLDOUT project is the creation of a set of reference data, which will be used to tune and assess the analytics performance. FOLDOUT will collect data in real world environments according to defined scenarios played by actors (e.g. consortium members, border guards).


Two year pilot in Bulgaria and demonstrators in Greece, Finland and French Guiana. FOLDOUT will provide fundamental enhancements in the domain of border surveillance and improved search & rescue scenarios.

Planning Tools

FOLDOUT will also provide a planning tool for the efficient deployment planning and assist in selecting the appropriate sensors and their optimal location and configuration for the specific border situation

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